3D Scanning Basics

Get the 3D scanning basics from TV’s ‘Boys Toys’. Jenn Barlow looks at the GoScan 3D scanner from Creaform and gets scanned herself! Find out how and open your mind to the possibilities this technology can bring. Having the capability to digitise real objects and bring them into a 3D environment on a computer means that thousands of companies use this process every day to…

Create accurate CAD models to capture lost designs, make new products and update existing ones. Verify that a physical object has the dimensions that were intended. Using 3D scanners for inspection and verification of produced goods is becoming increasingly popular due to the high speed that data can be captured at and the ease of which 3D scanners cope with free-form surfaces that are otherwise difficult to measure.

Create custom parts for health care, dentistry, and fashion, and the list goes on. Develop-It offers 3D scanning and many other design and engineering services in the Perth region and beyond. Contact us today to find out how our professional scanning and reverse engineering services can help you.

  • Reduce your time to market
  • Improve the accuracy and speed of your qualification process’
  • Create custom fitted items to shapes that are impossible to measure any other way
  • Digitise any real-world object and send the model anywhere almost instantly


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