3D Scanning Repair for Damaged Glass Screen on Yacht

I was contacted by the owner of this beautiful yacht. One of the front glass screens had some problems and a replacement needed to be manufactured overseas. Was this a candidate for 3D scanning?

The traditional way of providing the manufacturer with the correct dimensions was to have a template made locally and then ship this to them. A very skilled craftsman would need to be located to carry out such a task. It would undoubtedly cost a small fortune and take a huge amount of time before the overseas manufacturer had the information they needed to make the replacement screen.

I was able to visit the yacht and within a couple of hours had scanned the entire area and had all of the geometric data I needed to create a CAD file. A few more hours spent cleaning up the mesh and it was then ready to be used. The basis for creating a high-quality surface in Solidworks which could be emailed to the manufacturer as a STEP file.

This is a great way of demonstrating the efficiencies that high quality, accurate scanning can bring to a project. Contact us if you have a project that may benefit from the cutting edge technology we use at Develop-it. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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