Reverse Engineering using 3d Scans for complex objects

Reverse Engineering using 3d scans as a basis is a valuable workflow when trying to recreate real-world objects that are complex in shape and difficult or time consuming to measure using traditional methods.

This video shows how AirCorps Aviation uses cutting edge 3d scanners and software to digitally capture both large and small parts.

Once captured, this digital information can be used in a multitude of ways:-

  • create archive models for preservation
  • fabricate new parts and assemblies to replace damaged or worn items
  • create duplicate parts for spares or additional equipment
  • Inspection of actual parts to original drawings or CAD models
  • manufacture accessories that fit seamlessly with the surrounding geometry

reverse engineering from 3d scans

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3D Scanning Damaged Screen on Yacht

I was recently contacted by the owner of this beautiful yacht. One of the front glass screens had some problems and a replacement needed to be manufactured overseas. Was this a candidate for 3d scanning?

The traditional way of providing the manufacturer with the correct dimensions was to have a template made locally and then ship this to them. A very skilled craftsman would need to be located to carry out
such a task and it would undoubtedly cost a small fortune and take a huge amount of time before the overseas manufacturer had the information they needed to make the replacement screen.
I was able to visit the yacht and within a couple of hours had scanned the entire area and had all of the geometric data I needed to create a CAD file. A few more hours spent cleaning up the mesh and it was then ready to be used as the basis for creating a high quality surface in Solidworks which could be emailed to the manufacturer as a STEP file.
This is a great way of demonstrating the efficiencies that high quality, accurate scanning can bring to a project. If you have a project that may benefit from the cutting edge technology we use here at Develop-it, then why not get in touch by visiting our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Smithsonian 3D Scans…. Everything!

At Develop-it we love 3D scanning your objects and turning them into digital models that can be used in a variety of ways.
From manufacturing to heritage preservation, there is no end to the possibilities when you stop to think about it.
Take a look at this great video of how the Smithsonian is collecting 3D scans for its entire collection of 137 million objects! Not just for preservation purposes, but to allow for a more immersive experience for its visitors.
Call us to discuss how we can help you to scan almost anything!

The Best Selfie Ever?

Ever wanted to preserve yourself online? Check out my attempt!

RA Torso
by Richard Abram | Develop-it!
on Sketchfab

This scan was taken with our Creaform GoScan 50 white light scanner. It is able to scan to within +/-0.1mm accuracy and can also capture colour and texture. Furthermore, it is totally portable so we can go anywhere and scan virtually anything!

White light scanners are gaining in popularity due to the fact they can scan some objects without the need for laser targets. This is useful when the object that is to be scanned is delicate or of significant monetary or historical value as the adhesive used to affix the targets could damage the surface of the object.

For this to work however, the object must have plenty of surface detail for the scanner to track. Smooth featureless surfaces will almost always still require targets to enable the scanner to reference itself. For those readers keen to find out more about the different types of scanning technologies, I came across this great post on the Rapidform website. Check it out.

You can find out more about our 3D scanning services here and can find out about all of the services Develop-it can offer by visiting our home page and feel free to contact us any time.

3D Scanning Basics

Jenn Barlow from TV’s ‘Boys Toys’ gets scanned!


Get the 3D scanning basics from TV’s ‘Boys Toys’. Jenn Barlow looks at the GoScan 3D scanner from Creaform and gets scanned herself! Find out how and open your mind to the possibilities this technology can bring. Having the capability to digitise real objects and bring them into a 3d environment on a computer means that thousands of companies use this process every day to…

  • Create accurate CAD models to capture lost designs, make new products and update existing ones.
  • Verify that a physical object has the dimensions that were intended. Using 3d scanners for inspection and verification of produced goods is becoming increasingly popular due to the high speed that data can be captured at and the ease of which 3d scanners cope with free-form surfaces that are otherwise difficult to measure.
  • Create custom parts for health care, dentistry and fashion.

… and the list goes on.

Develop-It offers 3D scanning and many other design and engineering services in the Perth region and beyond. Contact us today to find out how our professional scanning and reverse engineering services can help you…

  • Reduce your time to market.
  • Improve the accuracy and speed of you qualification process’.
  • Create custom fitted items to shapes that are impossible to measure any other way.
  • Digitise any real-world object and send the model anywhere almost instantly.