Reverse Engineering using 3D Scans for Complex Objects

Reverse Engineering using 3D scans as a basis is a valuable workflow when trying to recreate real-world objects. This video shows how AirCorps Aviation uses cutting edge 3D scanners and software to digitally capture both large and small parts.

Once captured, this digital information can be used in a multitude of ways:

  • Create archive models for preservation
  • Fabricate new parts and assemblies to replace damaged or worn items
  • Create duplicate parts for spares or additional equipment
  • Inspection of actual parts to original drawings or CAD models
  • Manufacture accessories that fit seamlessly with the surrounding geometry

Reverse Engineering using 3D scans needn’t be complex. T3D scanners used at Develop-it are self-referencing. Meaning they can be moved relative to the scanned object without the constraints of a tripod or scanning arm. This means that more data can be collected in a single scan. Improving both the speed and accuracy of the scan.

Using the latest CAD software, Develop-it can quickly and efficiently turn this scanned data into CAD models. Which can be used in modern manufacturing processes to recreate components that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to measure.

The video is a great example of the ways 3D scanning can be used in a practical way, not just in aviation, but for any real-world objects. Contact Develop-it today for information on our capabilities and to find out how 3d scanning and reverse engineering can quickly and accurately provide you with the CAD data you need to get the job done.

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