Patent Illustrations


Patent Illustrations

Develop-it can design and produce patent illustrations, line drawings and exploded diagrams for patent applications, documentation and marketing material.

With patent drawings you can show exploded views that allow you to show how the parts fit together. This enables the patent attorney to describe how to make the invention step by step, which is not only a good idea but a requirement of a patent application. Of course, such exploded views invariably focus on the internal, not the external and accurate, descriptive illustrations are an essential requirement to support your application.

A patent applicant is required to furnish at least one patent drawing or illustration of the invention. If a patent drawing is not provided in the original filing the outcome can be catastrophic, it is therefore essential to understand the patent drawing requirement as being paramount to the success of your application.

Detailed drawings are worth a thousand words, if not more. This is true because if you accidentally leave something out of the written disclosure, a drawing you submit may save you in the long run, provided of course it is detailed enough to convey detailed information about your invention. Because the detail of the patent drawing is what saves you, having Develop-it work with your patent attorney to create the most precise illustrations possible will save you time and money in the long run.


A huge benefit in choosing Develop-it to help with your designs is that a lot of the ground-work necessary to create your patent illustrations can also be leveraged to create rendered product images that become a ‘virtual’ prototype of your product. Not only are these useful to help visualise form, colour and texture, they are great for product brochures and a host of other marketing materials.

Once the 3D CAD models are done, as many illustrations, drawings and photo-realistic images as you want can be output, from various rotated viewpoints, as well as a variety of close-up views.

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