Reverse Engineering using 3d Scans for complex objects

Reverse Engineering using 3d scans as a basis is a valuable workflow when trying to recreate real-world objects that are complex in shape and difficult or time consuming to measure using traditional methods. This video shows how AirCorps Aviation uses… Read More

3D Scanning Damaged Screen on Yacht

I was recently contacted by the owner of this beautiful yacht. One of the front glass screens had some problems and a replacement needed to be manufactured overseas. Was this a candidate for 3d scanning? The traditional way… Read More

3D Scanning Basics

Jenn Barlow from TV’s ‘Boys Toys’ gets scanned! Get the 3D scanning basics from TV’s ‘Boys Toys’. Jenn Barlow looks at the GoScan 3D scanner from Creaform and gets scanned herself! Find out how and open your mind to the possibilities… Read More

3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning Services Develop-it offers professional 3D scanning services. We are based in the Perth area but the portability of this equipment means we can travel anywhere to capture your object. This data can then be used for… Read More