User Guides


User Guides

Think about the last time that you consulted user guides or a manual. Did you start at the beginning and read the whole manual? Probably not. You probably looked first at the index or the table of contents. Once you found the right page or topic, you probably scanned the page first to see if it contained the information you needed. This is how most people read manuals.

No one wants to read a user manual. No one will read your user manual from front to back. Technical documents are not novels. Readers want user manuals to answer their questions quickly so that they can get back to whatever they were doing.

A successful user manual provides users with quick answers to the questions that they might have about a particular product. Users searching for information don’t want to know about the latest and greatest features of a product. Users want to know how to complete tasks. Technical writing focuses on user tasks and the concepts that support the tasks.

At Develop-it we think like a user. We focus on gaining an understanding of your audience as well as understanding your product so we can create the information they need to know. By thinking like a user we can develop the rich content they need to know and present it in a logical and clear manner.

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